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Beneficiaries: Pupils from the 3rd year of Primary school until the graduating class of high school

Subjects: French language and scientific subjects

More than 220 teachers and a dozen facilators

Lesson hours’ number: 37,800 hours or nearly 400 hours each evening


. Filling pupils gaps in the most important subjects

. Improving the school's education quality

. Involving parents even more in their children's school life

. Improving the school's image and reconnect with success


Courses are given in the premises of the Public School, thanks to our Agreement with the Ministry of National Education.

The average size per class is 12 pupils maximum, which allows teachers to give them their full attention, to easily identify and respond to everyone's needs.

The Foundation educational team adapts the program according to children’s needs, evaluated since the start of the school year to identify the gaps to be filled.

Semi-annual evaluations are then organized to measure the progress made and adjust if necessary.


Do you want to engage in a CSR action in Morocco…

... AND allow the children of your own employees or a priority population to benefit...

… AND also contribute to a cause of national mobilization ?