Continuous training for teachers


Ten training moments per year

More than a dozen local and regional supervisors

More than 220 teachers and a dozen facilators

Complete educational and didactic toolbox


. Upgrading teachers’ skills

. Improving Pupils learning processes knowledge

. Highlighting the teacher's posture as a learning vector

. Supporting reforms and being part of the 2015-2030 Vision


The learning support is a highly specialized activity, and therefore one of the priorities of the Sanady Foundation. The teachers working on the Foundation are mostly from public schools that the Foundation selects and trains to provide learning support outside their working hours.

Teachers and facilators are regularly accompanied and mentored by supervisors to ensure the appropriation of the process by the entire team and guarantee the good quality of education.


Do you want to sponsor a comprehensive continuous and professional training system for teachers in public schools in Morocco…

… AND thus contribute to the professionalization of the teaching profession

… AND the upgrading of the school in our country ?